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Documenting a job description is vital to a successful search. Top professionals require more statements and directional points about career opportunities.

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Through meaningful and objective research into your organization, competitors, and marketplace, we strive to understand your hiring needs and requirements.

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Our team manages expectations, maintains open communications with you and the candidates, and expertly facilitates the negotiation process through to its successful completion.

Welcome to RT-Recruit

The answer to all your recruitment worries under one roof. RT-Recruit, the trusted loyal partner for all kinds of recruitments for multiple companies since years, we take care of any and every recruitment that your company can ever think of. At RT- recruit, be it bulk recruitments, or recruitments for the highest position in the hierarchy of your company, we make sure that you get the right candidate for the right job at the right time.

Recruitment is no easy task and to deliver on our promises, we make sure that our team members are aligned in the understanding of your requirements as well as our processes. Our dedication to not only meet but surpass the expectations of our clientele has lead us to develop processes and deliver performances that beat the current market standards. What drives our team is the will to achieve and make our clients stick around happily. And not only have we managed to make this work, but also, our happy clients are the ones that refer us to their circle and become our growth catalysts.

The key to finding the correct person for your requirements paves its way through our concept of the 3 R s, which you will know about in the coming pages. Our work model not only functions as a bridge between the clients and the right candidates but also encompasses multiple other HR functions that are usually performed by HR Business partners or complete teams and departments in a multifunctional unit or organization.

Policy formulation & implementation, Recruitment drives, Payroll Management, Trainings and Inductions and numerous other minor and major HR functions are a part of the regular task schedule of our team at RT-Recruit and our team members, with their skill set and penchant for selecting the most suitable candidates for our clients, take the pains to go the extra mile and deliver results that speak for themselves.