McLean, VA


Today’s human resource departments face both exciting and challenging times… Technology improvements are also having an impact on the HR field, and HR professionals must stay on top of trends and solutions to keep their companies at the forefront of the market, which is why RT-Recruit is one of the top recruitment firms in McLean, VA, USA. Using unique approaches and adapting to the new digital world, we present your organization with the best candidates for vacant roles. RT-Recruit has proven to get you the best results. The ability to fill roles at all levels of hierarchy using our 3Rs strategy, i.e., Research, Relate, and Recruit, is essential to getting the ideal person for your needs. We make sure that each and every of our team members are focused on the entire process and understands your requirement. The number of qualified persons we have in our database for a wide range of enterprises is staggering! RT-Recruit offers a multi-cultural workforce that supports them in meeting the demands of businesses in a variety of disciplines. Our recruiting process outsourcing services have benefited a wide range of respectable and multinational companies in McLean, VA, USA & for major industries such as IT, Hospitality and Tourism as well as Manufacturing, Engineering, FMCG, Automobile and Healthcare as well as many more we’ve been able to discover and hire candidates.

The team works very hard and manages all the processes, including the candidate search and benchmarking, Formulating JD, and the RTO process, which comprises recognizing the requirement for resources. In addition, as a part of RT-Recruit’s placement recruit’s consultant service, we also conduct initial interviews following the initial research, and we remain involved even after talks and finalization of job roles and commercials until the offer letter is rolled out to the candidate. There are several of our suppliers that we’re familiar with, when it comes to any project where we have to deal with a contract sourcing model and its clients, our every project begins with the team getting to know the client’ Part of the process involves creating and documenting contracts with great care, closely reviewing and monitoring current contracts, and working minutely on new contracts so that there are no future issues. In some cases, the team takes on an entire process that guarantees incredible results unmatched by any other conventional recruitment outsourcing organization within the showcase.