Our Clients / Partners

Our Clients

It has always been a pleasure to work with RT-Recruit. Since the last 1 year of our association with them as a recruitment partner, we have never once been disappointed. As of today, we have closed more than 15 positions with them for our various departments and the employees that have joined us through them are worth every penny and even more. Their team and services have created a great benchmark when it comes to recruitment services.

The managers at RT-Recruit have been quite efficient and professional in handling our recruitments. They have been able to place suitable candidates that have fit well into our described job roles and the company culture. Associating with RT-Recruit has benefitted us and eased out our recruitment manifolds.

Rt-Recruit has always stood by what it has promised. With them managing our complete Hr Process, our work has become much more easier and productive. Their dedicated staff has always been connected with our company representatives working just as a part of our company and managing the entire HR wing without any hassle coming to us directly or indirectly. Mapping requirements, specifying KRAs and JDs, setting benchmarks, salary negotiations. recruiting the staff, on- boarding, inductions, everything is completely taken care of by their team which saves a lot on our internal time and costs. This option provided by them is quite cost and time effective and yields results in a much better way.

With RT-Recruit as our HR business partners, our process of hiring new staff for our organization has become much less of a trouble than it initially was. Rt-Recruit stepped in just at the right time and has taken over our complete HR Processes and has left our staff with much more time for other equally productive activities that have lead to increasing growth numbers. It is essential to try and draw maximum benefits of available resources to gain the most productivity to run a business, and RT-Recruit has helped us to achieve just that by taking care of our recruitment processes while we focus on reaching further growth milestones.

Our recruitment process has become much more productive and less cumbersome since RT-Recruit has taken over. We believe taking them on board as our recruitment consultant has helped us get the right kind of employees which just fit in into our work culture and environment. Having a placement agency such as them as our recruitment partners has taken off quite some burden off of our shoulders and thus has helped us increase our productivity in other departments.