RT-RECRUIT: Recruitment redefined

RT-RECRUIT: Recruitment redefined

A pool of talented employees is an asset for any organization. Hence, choosing the right candidate for the right job with a systematic recruitment process and well-crafted employer branding is crucial. RT-Recruit’s comprehensive family of brands addresses the complex workforce challenges organizations face today, from bulk recruitments and contract staffing to talent management & outsourcing recruitment services. We operate in very dynamic and diverse worldwide marketplaces which helps deliver the solutions that drive your business forward. We currently have corporate offices in key locations such as Washington, DC, Rockville, Leesburg, Denver, Bethesda, McLean.  Yes, RT-Recruit has provided the best recruitment process outsourcing services to multiple reputable and international firms across the USA across multiple industries such as Information Technology, Hospitality and Tourism, Manufacturing, Engineering, FMCG, Healthcare, Automobile, and many others including BPO, IT, Technology. We believe in going above and beyond in our efforts to assist our growing clientele.

RT-Recruit’s knowledge, exposure, and promptness are unrivalled. Our recruitment process outsourcing service from an experienced expert consulting team is just what your company needs. We are meticulous about finding candidates best fit for our client’s criteria for various designations not just in qualifications but we also evaluate the cultural fit of the candidate with the Organization’s culture. In addition, our temporary staffing solutions is a hassle-free and smooth process. It is our service that best suits the needs of organizations of all sizes and their requirement for employees who are qualified and skilled.

As a top outsourced Recruitment Company, we have a panel comprising the top and expert recruitment specialists. This team operates all processes while identifying the resources that are required, creating a methodology for searching for candidates, such as the brand background of the client companies before shortlisting the candidates and even drafting Job Descriptions. As a client, you won’t have to worry about anything because along with the initial research, we conduct preliminary interviews, and after job roles are agreed upon, we continue to be committed until the candidate gets the offer letter. As part of the process, all contracts are meticulously drafted and documented, existing contracts are carefully maintained, and new contracts are carefully analysed to avoid potential complications, this also includes policy formulation & implementation, benchmarking, Recruitment drives, Payroll Management, Trainings and Inductions and numerous other minor and major HR functions.

It is our continuous endeavour to create high-impact solutions to enhance the competitiveness of the organizations and the individuals we serve. Every time you hire top-notch candidates who possess the right skill sets and aptitude it ensures optimal production and output for your organization.