As another epidemic year comes to a close, certain things feel reassuringly routine. Throughout 2021, we’ve seen more recruiters get back to business as usual, recover well from a difficult 2020, and plan for a confident rebound. When it comes to getting the finest outcomes for your organization, nothing beats employing the best candidates for it. The basic core profile of HR is to place the right person in the right role. RT-recruit places people in upper to middle-level positions for our clients. Our compelling team of professionals with different field expertise ensures that we find and supply the best people for your organization. RT-Recruit offers recruitment process outsourcing services to some of its clients using a unique and results-driven methodology that promises great results unmatched by any other conventional recruitment process outsourcing organization.

We’ve amassed a vast database of eligible individuals for a number of enterprises. Today, we have a proven track record of placing the most qualified candidates in a wide range of businesses throughout Toronto, Canada. Our recruiting process outsourcing services are beneficial to all types of reputable and multinational companies. We have a large workforce of qualified and professional recruiters to satisfy the needs of our clients. We make certain that every member of our staff understands your needs while also focusing on our strategies. We can offer you anything you need in Toronto, thanks to a vast database of professionals, professional websites, and a large internet network. Our RPO team also operates as a recruitment process outsourcing entity for some of our clients. We are responsible for quality and policy compliance’s, as well as social benefits, in addition to recruitment tasks such as assessing the demand for a resource, drafting Job Descriptions (JD), candidate search, bench-marking, negotiations, joining, on-boarding, and inductions.

Working as a recruitment process outsourcing entity for certain of our clients, our RPO personnel is reliant and committed to managing portions, if not all, of our client’s recruitment processes. We manage all functions such as talent discovery, job description creation, candidate searches, bench-marking, negotiations, joining, on-boarding, and induction, compliance monitoring, policy compliance, benefits management, social responsibility programs, and so on for your firm. Before beginning any project, our team members, who have vast experience in contract sourcing, work closely with our clients to understand their laws and regulations. Over the years, we have successfully completed numerous client projects and remained ahead of the curve in this domain in industries as diverse as Tourism, Hospitality, Engineering, MCG, Manufacturing, IT, Automobile, Healthcare, and any other specific work vertical. Our selection method is proactive, comprehensive, and goal-oriented, and is based on an organized and systematic approach. This process begins with understanding the client’s requirements and ends with post-recruitment follow-up with both clients and candidates. RT-Recruit aspires to accomplish results and exceed our clients’ expectations in all areas of employment, whether in the commercial or public sectors. We take the time to get to know your company on a deeper level. Honesty is key. Candour leads to trust. And trust leads to a thriving partnership.